CruzMedMo is here for you, we want to make your experience simple and easy. If you are waiting on forms please give us until the end of the day for them to appear in your onpatient portal messages. If you would like a printed copy of your forms please come by the van and well be happy to help you. If you are having trouble setting up onpatient please go through our phone tree (831 241 7501) or click here and follow the instructions. If you are stuck and need additional help follow the phone line menu to be connected with a team member.


Due to a large volume of daily calls, CruzMedMo uses an automated service to help save you time. Common questions are addressed on this system, however if you need any assistance with onpatient or documents please go through the phone menu to be transferred to a team member who can assist you further. If you have any non urgent questions please email us at Emails are usually answered within 24 hours.

If you are in need of us immediately please pop on by our van or office and we will be happy to help.

  • Phone: 831 241 7501
  • Email: