We offer Covid testing with same day results.

Conveniently located in midtown Santa Cruz.

Rapid Covid Testing

Fast & Simple.

Prices range from $80-$225

Covid Travel Test

Fast. Accurate. Painless.

Prices range from $80-$225

Covid Vaccine

Fast. Effective. Safe.


Lab-Only Testing

Includes Covid-19 testing.

Prices range from $15-$225

Locations & Hours

Cruz on by.

No appointment necessary!
Drive or walk up.


Mon-Fri 9a-4p.
Sat 9a-1p.

*Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday.
CruzMedMo is Open 1p-4p

Rapid Covid Testing

Fast. Simple Effective. Cruzmedmo is located in midtown Santa Cruz, in a big blue van (115 S. Morrissey). We are here 6 days a week offering rapid Covid testing for school, travel, work, exposures, or just simple peace of mind. We are here whenever you need us, no appointment necessary.

We accept cash, and all major credit cards, FSFA. While we do not accept insurance, we do provide a superbill for possible reimbursement with your insurance company.

learn more about superbills here


We are here for you.  With over 20 years of urgent care experience, our clinicians have been building relationships in the community,  while working through the ranks at both small and large health systems. We have noticed the service delivered doesn’t always meet patient expectations. We are all patients at some point and we don’t want our time wasted sitting for hours in a waiting room or an exam room, especially now amid the COVID pandemic.

We enjoy the convenience of online shopping, ride-sharing apps, and home grocery delivery, so why can’t healthcare deliver similar conveniences? CruzMedMo is here to grant that wish. We strive to deliver convenience and comfort while respecting your time.

Transparent Pricing

No surprise bills 3 months after your visit. CruzMedMo provides total price transparency – you know before we even see you what our visit will cost. Pricing is easy to understand with our “Simple Visit”, “Complex Visit” pricing structure. We tell you the cost upfront and work to earn your trust and confidence in us while we deliver quality and comfort in your care.

Sometimes, things in medicine are really simple and straightforward. Creating an option for simple testing allows you to manage your health concerns without being required to jump through expensive hoops and risking exposure. We offer testing for a variety of straightforward tests, in your home, avoiding a more expensive clinical visit. If you need treatment or further exploration, we will tell you and can apply your fee towards the appropriate visit.


At CruzMedMo we keep our service menu focused on what we do really well. We train our staff and educate our patients on our “menu of services,” so we can guarantee best practices. To that end, we commit to delivering value for every visit through 3 points of contact: our initial visit, a follow-up phone call, and a return visit if you are not improving. If we can’t help you, we will get you to someone who can.

A Better Experience

In addition to better health outcomes, we want to make the entire experience better. With a growing number of people enrolling in high-deductible health plans, the first several thousand dollars might be out-of-pocket expenses. Paying out-of-pocket to sit in a crowded waiting room, then waiting in the exam room, only to be rushed through a visit with little confidence the provider listened to you or has a vested interest in providing you the best quality of care. Most healthcare economic systems are still built around being paid for volumes of patient visits, not the value achieved during the visits. CruzMedMo promises to make value a key deliverable. Value in outcomes as well as value as it pertains to the experience. We will see you wherever you want us to see you (our service area includes all of Santa Cruz County). We realize no doctor visit would be considered ‘fun,’ especially when you or a loved one are sick or injured, but our ‘true-north’ at CruzMedMo is to make it a lot less miserable, by coming to you, having fair, transparent pricing and a 3-point contact to ensure we see you through your problem. Our goal is to make your experience as pleasant as possible.