About Us

Andrew Lewis, D.O.

Andrew Lewis, D.O. founded CruzMedMo in 2021 with the desire to fulfill the community needs for rapid personalized PCR testing. After the pandemic Dr. Lewis redirected CruzMedMo to put patients back at the center of their primary care by developing CruzMedMo-Concierge. Having practiced primary and acute care medicine since 1999 he has seen the areas where the traditional systems have great strengths but also failures. Some of the greatest disappointment is forgetting that healthcare is about connecting with people and helping them build sustaining pathways to physically, emotionally & spiritually prosperous lives.


Having grown up in Michigan, Dr. Lewis attended the University of Michigan then later Michigan State University for medical school. A son of two teachers, he believes that elevating health literacy is a foundational aspect of his practice, and like it or not, he will likely go into the scientific weeds with you. Since 2007 Santa Cruz has been home for Dr. Lewis, his wife (a lecturer at UCSC) and 2 children.

His osteopathic education gives him a foundational philosophy that resembles integrative medicine, and his pragmatic approach to care builds on setting specific goals and expectations and crafting care pathways to help you achieve them. The practice philosophy has evolved to always search for root-cause and not simply play whack-a-mole with various downstream problems.

His passion is to keep helping patients elevate their health. Traditional medicine has seemingly defined health as normalizing a few lab metrics, but health is much more than that keyhole look at our bodily health. It also has mental, spiritual and even community metrics that can continue to elevate our health. Mastering and practicing those metrics could truly elevate our community into a Blue Zone.

Lastly, there have been many phenomenal advancements in healthcare technology and yet many do not make it to where they would have a chance to change lives. Unfortunately there are many reasons why these advancements are not incorporated into mainstream medicine. Many of those reasons have nothing to do with keeping the patient’s wellbeing at the center of care. We want to change that and build a practice that embraces the latest advances and practices in medicine. Which means we dig further into chronic disease than what the traditional 15 min visit allows.