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Migraine Relief – 250mL- $150 / 500mL – $225

If you struggle to find relief from migraines with conventional methods, or just need a little extra boost, try our peace of mind-migraine relief cocktail. This recipe uses normal saline (0.9%) as a base and includes magnesium, Toradol, and Zofran.

Hangover Aid – 250mL- $160 / 500mL – $245

Those Sunday morning hot vinyasa classes smell like white wine and a hint of regret? Or maybe the recipe to last night was one part dancing, 10 parts nectar of the gods.  We’ve got you covered, whether you’re looking for detox to retox or just get out from underneath the rock to say “let’s do this”.  Our Hangover Aid  will help.

Wellness Support – 250mL- $150 / 500mL – $225

Adapted from the famed “Myer’s Cocktail,” our wellness support infusion is full of vitamins and minerals that may help get a pep back in your step. Myer’s cocktail is used to help combat fatigue, fight colds and maintain overall wellness.

Simple Hydration – 250mL – $75 / 500mL- $100 / 1000mL – $125

This is a pure bag of sterile saline (0.9%). It does not contain any additives or boosts. The 250mL bag is infused over a period of 30 minutes, the 500mL bag for 1 hour, and the 1000mL bag for 90 minutes.

IV add-ins

Vitamins & Minerals
$25 each

Vitamin C

B vitamins


$35 each