Dr. Lewis’ experience in the world of venture capital exposed him to brilliant technological solutions and opened his eyes to the potential to catapult the quality of healthcare in the U.S. Adopting these solutions within the current healthcare system was complicated, but over time, Dr. Lewis honed his ability to identify problems and create innovative solutions within the healthcare system. However, with huge, corporate institutions dominating healthcare in the US, it is very difficult to make lasting change. These revelations became the seeds for CruzMedMo.  


The vision for CruzMedMo is two-fold; first to assist in the shift of care away from expensive, crowded and impersonal hospitals towards clinics. Secondly, to shift care from clinics to your home. Technological advances provide us the ability to facilitate this transformation in healthcare, but the insurance-based business model and the “volume over value,” strategies we’ve been entrenched in are major barriers. It took a global pandemic for healthcare corporations to consider embracing some of these technologies. CruzMedMo is way ahead of the curve and ready to provide efficient, affordable, personal care to the Santa Cruz community, today.


Dr. Lewis grew up in a Detroit suburb and attended the University of Michigan where he holds a Bachelor of Science in Biological Anthropology/Zoology. He spent a year in Seville, Spain, studying at the University of Fine Arts. After graduation, he flipped a house in Pontiac, Michigan while studying and applying to medical school. He attended Michigan State University, College of Osteopathic Medicine, followed by a family medicine residency in Grand Blanc, Michigan–a bedroom community for Flint, Michigan (no the water wasn’t bad then). Somewhere in there, he did a rotation in Mérida, Mexico, where he met his future wife. They have two kids, two dogs, a cat, and now a medically decked-out Sprinter Van ready to see you.

Andrew Lewis, D.O., has been practicing medicine since 1999. Trained in Family Medicine. Dr. Lewis began his career in family practice in Ohio prior to transitioning to Urgent Care where he has practiced ever since. Dr. Lewis has taken a keen interest in the entrepreneurial aspects of medicine. During his two decades working in Urgent Care, Dr. Lewis has been involved in committees, innovation projects, process improvements, and leadership roles to better understand the business, while leading teams and incorporating technology to improve the delivery of healthcare. Since arriving in Santa Cruz in 2007, Dr. Lewis has continued to grow in leadership roles, quickly recognizing the value new technology plays in healthcare. Dr. Lewis has held various leadership positions in a large Bay Area health system, and is the Senior Medical Lead and a partner in a Silicon Valley venture capital group.