• Mae Britton

Information on the COVID Vaccine: No, It Doesn't Contain Microchips

  1. Current data shows that only 0.8% of the people that have died from COVID were vaccinated. Of the more than 18,000 people that have recently died from COVID, only 150 were fully vaccinated.

  2. 95% of doctors were vaccinated as soon as they had the opportunity

  3. The vaccine does not change your DNA. When DNA within the cell nucleus wants a specific protein to be made, it produces a small copy of a gene sequence called messenger ribonucleic acid, aka mRNA. This mRNA then informs another part of the cell what to make. The COVID vaccine works by inserting an engineered segment of mRNA that codes for the proteins that our immune system recognizes as part of the COVID virus. As the cells make these proteins, our immune system is trained to recognize and target the proteins related to the virus. 2-3 days later the mRNA is naturally disposed of by the body and the cell continues to make mRNA recipes guided from the nucleus.

  4. There are no microchips, implants, metal, or tracking devices in the vaccine–this is pure fiction. The vaccines solely contain genetic building blocks, called nucleotides, fat, salts and sugars.

  5. Most people experience side effects after receiving their COVID vaccine, but this is only due to the body building an immune response to the virus. During the 2-4 days that the vaccine is in the cells of your arm muscle, it trains the immune system to recognize and build antibodies to attack the protein that the virus produces, should it be encountered. The body then naturally disposes of the vaccine. This process may generate some aches, fatigue, headaches, and sore arms, but these symptoms are much milder and shorter than those you would likely experience if you were infected with COVID.

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