Lab Testing

No consultation, just results.

If you would like just a lab-only test (just the results, no visit or treatment) we offer a do-it-yourself style approach. Just come to our location and we’ll get you tested and send results promptly.

See our menu below for specific lab services.

Make an appointment and just drive up, check in from your vehicle, pay, swab, and you are on your way.  We upload results into your patient portal by the end of the day or sooner.

CruzMedMo Lab Service Menu

Rapid COVID-19 antigen test – $80
Sample collected via nasal swab.Results by end of day.

Rapid COVID-19 antibody test – $90
Blood sample (finger stick). Results by end of day, showing any present IgG and IgM antibodies.

Rapid COVID-19 rt-PCR test – $150
Sample collected via nasal swab.Results by end of day.

Rapid 4-Plex rt-PCR assay – $225
Rapid rt-PCR assay for COVID-19, Influenza A and B, and RSV.

Rapid Strep A antigen test – $35
Sample collected via throat swab. Results by end of day.

Rapid mono test – $30
Collected via blood sample (finger stick).

Blood glucose – $15
Finger stick blood sample, immediate results.
Tuberculin (PPD) Skin Test – $60
Skin test for latent tuberculosis. Placed on forearm; required to be interpreted between 48 and 72 hours after placement. Documentation/proof of test included in price. Mobile administration available for large groups (schools, camps, workplaces).